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Where can I get support?

For technical questions please use our forum. If there’s something wrong with your Navio contact us by email support@emlid.com

Is Raspberry Pi included with Navio?

No, Raspberry Pi is not included with Navio.

What Raspberry Pi models Navio+ is compatible with?

Navio+ is compliant with Raspberry Pi HAT standard and fits on Raspberry Pi Model A+ and Model B+.

Is Raspberry Pi suitable for real-time tasks?

Yes! We provide Raspbian image with rt-preemt kernel which allows to achieve minimal latencies. Also, it is possible to run other operating systems on Raspberry Pi, for example – ChibiOS RTOS.

What firmware does Navio run?

By itself Navio does not run any firmware – Navio is a sensor board. All work with sensors is performed on Raspberry Pi, which runs Linux with real-time kernel and APM software.

How does Navio compare to Pixhawk?

They both use the same software – APM. Main difference is that with Navio APM runs under Linux and that means that you can run your own applications alongside, Pixhawk is a time proven platform while Navio is very flexible and extendable.

What Navio versions exist?

Current version is Navio+ which is Raspberry Pi HAT standard compliant, uses U-blox NEO-8M, supports power modules and triple sourced power. Previous versions were made for older Raspberry Pi versions (Model A and Model B) and were Navio (with U-blox NEO-7M) and Navio Raw (with U-blox NEO-6T).